Rolling Stock

PRR 981741

Bringing up the markers is the museum's first piece of rolling stock, a 1914 vintage Pennsylvania Railroad N6b caboose, referred to on the railroad as a "cabin car". This car was the mobile office and home away from home for railroad crews while on duty.

Built by PRR predecessor Vandalia Railroad, 981741 spent its life working the rails in the western Indiana area well into the Penn-Central era before being retired. The cabin car was moved to the WVRM in 2006, and an extensive program of rebuilding and restoration was started.

Using original PRR blueprints and other historical references, the car has been rebuilt from the sill up, often requiring the use of custom-cut timbers and machined steel.

At long last, the interior of the caboose is open to the public!

C&EI A-1147/L&N 43573
former Pullman Troop Sleeper #7118

WVRM's most recent aquisition is a former Pullman "troop sleeper" of World War II vintage. Troop sleepers were used to transport large numbers of soldiers during mobilization. After the war, they were sold to various railroads, and generally ended up in maintenance of way service. Given that railroads are generally quite rough on MofW equipment, few of these cars are still around, and even fewer still are as complete as the car WVRM has acquired.

After being prepped for transport, this car made the journey from Huntsville, Alabama, in June of 2014.

We still need your help!

Even though the WVRM's car is in relatively good shape, much work needs to be done before it is fully restored. Fundraising efforts to date allowed the car to be transported and placed on our grounds, but the need for support to fund the restoration efforts still exists. If you, or your organization, wishes to assist with this project, please contact us!

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