Haley Tower

Haley Tower guarded the crossing of the north-south C&EI and the east-west New York Central mainlines a mere 50 feet from its present location. In service continuously for nearly 100 years, Haley was saved from destruction in October of 1999 and preserved fully intact.

A slow Tuesday in 1986

The operator in Haley Tower was responsible for keeping railroad traffic on two different mainlines moving smoothly around the clock, as well as copying special instructions for trains and handing them directly to the train crews as they passed the tower. The operator decided which trains went first, and lined the switches and track at the tower for their movements. Keeping the trains moving with the least amount of delay was always the first priority.

The cat's responsiblilty was to keep the operator on his toes.

Everything Old Is New Again

The interior of Haley Tower has been painstakingly restored to its appearence of the mid-to-late 1980s. This era was extensively documented by visitors to the tower, assuring the authenticity of the restoration process. The 1926 vintage GRS interlocking machine has been restored to full functionality. Haley Tower is your gateway to an era when manned interlocking towers were still a common sight on US railroads.

Your Shift Starts Now

If you've never seen a railroad interlocking tower, or always wanted the opportunity to sit at the desk and run one yourself, Haley is ready for you to mark up, take charge, and keep the trains moving.